Fiberworld Team

Meet the Fiberworld Team


Audrey is the amazing superwoman behind Nuthatch Hill Farm.  She is a home-schooling parent, a garden goddess, a fledgling shepherdess, and an antique book collector. She is passionate about the environment, sustainability, and community. Last year as a quarantine experiment, Audrey wanted to see how much food she and her husband could grow from their home. Turns out, it was a lot! 


Audacious and overscheduled owner of A Hundred Ravens and Valient Leader™ of Fiberworld seeks energetic festival attendees for crafting fun, fiber enlightenment, star gazing and so much more… I’m a inquisitive kind of gal with a real problem saying no to a new endeavor or project. I like nothing more than dyeing a perfect skein, designing a sexy spreadsheet, and leading the Fiberworld troops into peels of laughter. Hobbies include: wielding witty repartee, traipsing over pixel landscapes, and whipping up some excitement in the kitchen.


Hi! I’m Jessica. I’m a native New Englander who knows how to do a nearly double digit amount of crafts with yarn and fiber! Things like knitting, crochet, and spinning yarn are just the beginning! One of my favorite things to knit is stupidly complicated lace! I have a Writing degree (specifically Creative Writing), but these days I work for Becca at A Hundred Ravens and now for Fiberworld as well! I’m excited to be helping everyone through the process leading up to the show!


My job here at Fiberworld is to schedule all of the things. Also make sure that all of our wonderful hosts, instructors and presenters have everything that they need to give you the best show possible. Outside of Fiberworld, I’m a knitting instructor and designer for The Bean Knits.


Sassy caretaker of 12 ducks, 7 chickens, 2 turkeys, 1 horse, 1 lazy old hound dog a 19 year old cockatiel named Sam as well as 4 amazing kids. I love projects of all kinds and joke that it will all fit on my four acre farm (in the woods). All of this is possible only with the help with my faithful partner in crime, Neal who wears many hats husband, father, chef, and ringmaster of our ever evolving three ring circus. I am friend and helper to Kat Eldred who has encouraged and enable my introduction to the vast fiber world and inspired my love for lace weight and luxury fibers….did someone say silk? The only problem now is finding the time for all of the projects, spinning, knitting, crochet… and all the other wonderful options.


HI! I’m Kat. I’m the MacGyver Chameleon of Social Media & Marketing, as well as the vendor coordinator and doer of all of the things that need doing. In my “real” life, I’m the owner of Why Knot Fibers, an indie yarn dyeing company, a musician, and a Squirrel-esque crafter of all of the things. I love power tools and spreadsheets and knitting. I’m so excited to be part of this crazy circus! 


Hey there. I used to captain this ship before I was locked in my cabin with all the rum. I started A Hundred Ravens yarn back in 2011; my wife Rebecca now runs that business and this one, while I ran off to become a professor of Video Game Design at Champlain College in Vermont. I’ve worked in the game industry on titles like Game of Thrones: Ascent, and Elder Scrolls Online. This Fiberworld team is amazing.


Hockey fan, vegan, record lover, vintage furniture lover and typography affectionado. Performing at the junction of beauty and programing to create great work for living breathing human beings. I work with Fortune 500 companies and startups.



While I am a relative newcomer to fiber crafting, I am an artist at heart. I love looking at pretty colors and can appreciate the artistic process and all that goes into it from raw material to finished product. I’m a 20-year-old college student studying Game Design and Interactive Narrative at Champlain college. I help out with Fiberworld’s social media (and really whatever I can take off of everyone’s plate).


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Skier, foodie, DJ, Mad Men fan and communicator, collector, connector, creator. Acting at the sweet spot between design and purpose to craft meaningful ideas that endure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Hi, I’m Polly! I’m originally from Colorado, but I now knit and spin in Madison, WI, where I serve on the board of the Madison Knitters Guild. By day, I’m a lawyer, by night, I’m a general soundingboard, user feedback, and testing superhero for Fiberworld!

I like beaded lace, brioche, and colors that really shouldn’t go together but somehow do.


Hi! I’m Steph. I’m a researcher, tester, and disability advocate. If it’s not broke, I can probably break it!

I knit, spin, crochet, and generally make art things. I’m super excited about Fiberworld 2020!


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