Meet Fiberworld’s Finest, Funniest, Fabulous Fiber Mascots.

Greetings Darlings!  I am Lanolin. Obviously you want to know more about me, so I had the Fiberworld staff record some of the highlights.

Best Friend:

Obviously I am my own best friend.

Favorite Color:

You might expect it is Buff or Beige, but really, I love Mauve.

Favorite Song:

Too Marvelous for Words by Frank Sinatra

Place I Would Most Like to Visit:

The Andes. All those rugged handsome Alpacas! *swoon*

My Favorite School Subject:

Maaaaaaaath.  (Obviously)

My Favorite Season of the Year:

Winter.  All that lovely wool… sweaters, blankets, socks.

My Favorite Dessert:

A lovely fruit salad. Apples, pears, a few grapes.  Delicious!

What do I Love Most About Myself:

Is this a trick question?  What’s not to love?

Celebrity I Would Most Like to Meet:

Dolores.  She’s almost as fabulous as I am.

Can I Skip Rope:

I don’t know.  I imagine I can, but why would I?

Do I Collect Anything:

Obviously, fans, followers, devotees… and I love you all.

Hey there!  I’m Heddle. I like long walks in the meadow… Oh, not yet? Answer the questions below?  Oh! Oh yes, now I see…


Mountain climbing, sub-zero temperatures, and my posse (AKA “the Herd”).


Uneven warp tension, snow leopards, and habitat loss

Favorite Breakfast Food:

I am partial to a nice bog sedge in the morning.

Favorite Holiday:

Yaksmas! As a child the stories of Stinky Wizzleteats and his Shaven Yak were always my favorite.

Favorite Fibercraft:

With my name? It has to be weaving, though I love them all!

Three Items I Can’t Live Without:

Hmmm.  Air conditioning, my inhaler, and a butter churn.

Do I Have A Tattoo:

I do!  But it’s not somewhere I can show you here. *grin*

Do I Believe I Ghosts:

Of course, I believe in Goats. Some of my best friends… oh, ghosts! Ummm …maybe?

Listener or talker:

I suppose I’m a listener.  People are so interesting!

Would I rather be funny or clever:

Oh, I’m not really either of those.  I just want to be kind.

Hello friends.  Call me Spindle. Though I will also answer to Handsome, Heartthrob, and Oh you Sexy Thing. 

Last Movie I Watched:

Something with Errol Flynn or Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Favorite Number:


Favorite Type of Food:

I love a Smorgasbord.  Or Tapas. All those delectable little plates. So many choices!

Craziest Thing I Have Ever Done:

Agreeing to mountain climbing with Heddle. I mean, do I look like I was meant to sleep out of doors?

What do I Love Most About Myself:

About myself. It’s not about me. It’s about loving others. Of course I love myself, but I’m more interested in admiring the abundance of variety in the world.

Most Embarrassing Memory:

Falling off the mountain on that trip with Heddle. I know I’m “officially” a mountain goat, but really.  I mean… really?

Historical Period I Would  Like to Visit:

Ancient Rome. Did you know, my family provided Cashmere to the noblemen of the Roman Empire?

Do I Collect Anything:

I have an oddly large collection of tatted stars and yarn pompoms.  I couldn’t say how either started.

Describe the mascot below in one word:


Hey there.  I’m Batts. And what do you mean “woolgathering?” Just because I can’t always keep up with my thoughts… I mean it is funny though.  Woolgathering.  Because I’m a sheep.  Ha!  Oh, right about me.  Sure, let’s play.

My Secret Talent:

A Houdini-like ability to escape any confinement.

Do I Look Like Someone Famous:

As wee lamb I was told I look a lot like my grand-sire who was the inspiration for “Baa Baa Black Sheep.”

Last Project I Finished:

Wow. That’s not really fair.  I LOVE a new project so much!  I’m sure I must have finished something.  Although, you know, I HAVE worn a shawl out once that still had the needles in.  Just tucked them into the fleece and no one was the wiser.  And it WAS close to finished.

Best Friend:

I can’t say I have a BEST friend. I’m friends with so many. Brioche is a delight. 

Favorite Holiday:

Knit in Public Day!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

Apple and Walnut.  What!?  It would be delicious, but I’m lactose intolerant, so just the apples and walnuts for me.

Favorite Fibercraft:

I’m Bi-stitchual, as they say.  Ha Ha! I love cooking as well.  Tried my hoof at papercraft, quilting, floral design… those are not fiber though.

Favorite Color:

Lime Green. It’s so juicy! Oh, but I saw this sky blue the other day… No, it’s lime green.  I think.

Superpower I Would Most Like to Have:

Super strength.  Or, maybe flight would be better? Reading minds would be interesting, but can you imagine having even MORE thoughts in your head?

My Favorite School Subject:

Penmanship. But also Earth Science.

My Favorite Season of the Year:

I love spring.  The new grass is tasty, the skys are clear, and I get my annual haircut.

Hi!! I’m Brioche! I’m so happy to meet you!  I love being a Fiberworld Ambassador and I can’t wait to see you all, and your gorgeous projects, and the amazing shopping in the Marketplace, and the fascinating Lectures, and the cool Hosts, and the Pajama Parties!!!  OMG!!! Okay question time!

A Day in the Life of Brioche:

Eating,  grooming, posing for photos, Instagram scrolling, eating, sleeping, exploring Ravelry, eating, shopping, craft circle, napping, bouncing, eating, cuddle pile, video games, midnight snack

Favorite Pizza Topping:

Beet greens, clover, arugela, and nasturtiums!  Deliscioso!

Something I am Known For:

My absolutely amazing, all-out, enthusiastic binky!!

Do I Look Like Someone Famous:

My friends tell me I look a lot like the Easter Bunny.  blush

Best Friend:

Awwwww.  Batts mentioned me?!  I love Batts.  I love Heddle, and Lanolin, and Spindle, and so many folks!!

Place I Would Most Like to Visit:

Grotto di Frasassi!  Wow!!  I have never seen a more incredible burrow!! Can you imagine living there?

Animal Would I Be if I Wasn’t a Rabbit:

It would be fun to be a fox for a day! Or a fish!! Whee! Into the water!

Craziest Thing I Have Ever Done:

Oh golly!  I have gotten up to some antics!  But the craziest was this “all animal rave” I went to!  Foxes, stoats, cats, even a very stoned hawk.  I thought I was going to die, but it was chill and we all just partied!!

Famous Person I Would Most Like to Meet:

Lady Gaga!

Can I Skip Rope:

Boy can I ever!! Wait, is there someone who can’t jump rope?

When I Was A Kitten I Wanted to Be:

A torch singer! You know all sequins and satin. Draped on a piano singing about how some doe or buck did me wrong. Totally not me now!

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