Virtual Micro Sheep-to-Shawl Competition

What in the world is a micro sheep-to-shawl competition?
And how do you compete virtually??

We’re so glad you asked!

A Sheep-to-Shawl competition is a staple of so many fiber festivals we wanted to add one to Fiberworld.  Since our attendees can be all over the world but a key part of a Sheep-to-Shawl competition is that the whole project happened in real time during a portion of the show, we came up with an innovative Micro Sheep-to-Shawl Competition!

Here's How It Works:

The Carder will start with 3 batches of raw washed fleece of at least .5 oz each. PRIOR to the show they will prep 2 batches and send them to The Spinner.

The Spinner PRIOR to the show will spin 1 batch and send it on to The Weaver/Knitter/Crocheter.

The Weaver/Knitter/Crocheter waits and admires the beautiful yarn.

At this point, your team is ready for the competition.

During the show each role will card, spin, and create a mini shawl in turn while special guest judges provide live commentary and the audience watches and cheers.  Teams will be judged on time and quality of finished item.

Grand Prize:

  • A Full Fleece
  • Prepared Spinning Fiber
  • Handspun Yarn

Registration fee is $15/team

Your Responsibilities as a Team:

  • Sign up
  • Assign a Team Captain as the contact for Fiberworld
  • Acquire the appropriate amount of raw washed fleece
  • Coordinate prepping 2 batches of fiber; one to the “to be spun” stage and one to the “to be woven/knit/crocheted” stage

Please email with any questions .

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