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Motorcoach? But... Fiberworld is a Virtual Show!

Welcome! We’re thrilled to present the second annual Fiberworld — the virtual fiber festival of your dreams — on July 21st-25th! Attending Fiberworld with your friends, shop customers, club members,or guild can be even more fun. Once again we are offering a “Motorcoach” group discount. Just like groups coming on buses to in-person fiber shows “Motorcoaches” get a special price break, only ours don’t require many hours of travel in a cramped bus for however many miles. Skip the long ride and get right to the fun part!

You know what’s more fun than Fiberworld? Fiberworld with your friends!

For guilds, fiber groups, and others who would like to organize a “Motorcoach” to attend Fiberworld 2021, we are offering  $10 off their ticket to the show. Invite friends, guild and group members to create your own “Motorcoach” and tour with your group. You can visit our website for more information:

Interested? Here's How It Works.

  1. Gather a minimum of 20 people interested in attending Fiberworld.
  2. Email Julie Crawford at [email protected] and let us know about how many people you think you need a discount for.
  3. We send you an exclusive code to distribute to your group.
    Group members purchase their Fiberworld 2021 tickets using the code for $10 off.
  4. If members also purchase classes, they will also get the standard $15 discount on their first class making their ticket free.
  5. If some of your members have already purchased their tickets, we will have a code that can be used for $10 off of classes.

What is Fiberworld?

Fiberworld is a new vision for virtual fiber events. By design and philosophy Fiberworld provides the fullness of the experiences and camaraderie of a traditional, in-person fiber show, while also harnessing new technologies to enrich attendee experiences and expand the community.

Fiberworld offers attendees a gateway to content that represents a breadth of talent and knowledge from across the globe coming together to share and celebrate the fibercrafts we love. 

Fiberworld also strives to address participants’ whole selves: touching on the themes of education, wellness, justice, environment, and family that affect us every day. In this way Fiberworld explores a redefinition of what used to be thought of as “domestic” interests to a more expansive view of crafting’s circles of influence.

Fiberworld includes:

  • A unique, Interactive Design to bring people close together despite physical distance.
  • Live Classes taught virtually by incredible instructors.
  • Over 100 hours of Presentations, Lectures, Book Readings, Panels and other content on everything from sheep shearing to the politics of fiber, offered free with admission.
  • An enormous Vendor Marketplace where customers can shop virtual booths and interact with vendors live.
  • Casual, interactive Lounges for hanging out with friends or Meet & Greets with hosts, instructors, and celebrated presenters.
  • Many, many ways to interact or play along, Trivia Nights, Book Readings and Signings, Scavenger Hunt, Mini Sheep to Shawl, Games, and – of course – a Fashion Show!
  • A Personal Online “Room” for each attendee with their schedule, notes, favorited items, communications, badges, etc…
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