Fiberworld Official Vendor Randomizer

Saturday @ 6pm (EDT) in the Smooshy Lounge
Join Robin’s Promise Yarn Co.for Bingo!
TONS OF GIVEAWAYS! Bring your current WIP, a glass of wine & your PJs! Bingo card links will be given during the games.
SATURDAY @7pm (EDT) in the Cozy Lounge

Looking for a way to impress your friends with your encyclopedic knowledge of sheep breeds, craft tools, and obscure fibers? This is YOUR MOMENT. Come play in (probably) the World’s First Fiber Trivia Game.  Hosted by The Knit Princess!  Sign up required.

Click the picture for more information.

Upload your adorable Pet with Fiber photos!

We know you have them!  Let us all Oooh and Awww at the furry, fiber-y cuteness.

Come watch Saturday @ 3pm in the Cozy Lounge

Show Off Your Orange!


Fiberworld Host GG

SUNDAY @ 12:30pm (EDT) in the Smooshy Lounge

Going on all weekend!

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