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Have you written articles or papers on fiber topics? Do you have knowledge to share about this history of a certain craft, or the people who originated it? Tell us everything you know about the wood used to make drop spindles. Talk about symbols on printed cloth. We prefer to hear about the culture you yourself belong to, and the heritage or history that’s your own.

We’d also like to hear about the history of the arts and crafts business, about socio-economics and crafting, about politics and trends.


Propose a demonstration of interest. We’re especially looking for demonstrations of heritage skills, lost or endangered arts, or at tours of creators’ lives, worlds, and creative spaces. We’re as much interested in how it’s about you, as in the demonstration itself. Some examples would be demonstrating ancient weaving techniques, or a tour of your pottery studio, explaining how you find inspiration. Show us your neighborhood, and how your world informs what you do. Show us sheep herding dogs, or how you teach art to schoolchildren. Broaden our worlds by showing us your own.

Demonstrations should be under an hour, and pre-recorded into a video. If you need help videoing or capturing your demo, or with editing, let us know.


Are you interested in joining a moderated, live discussion with four or five other people about some aspect of fiber, crafting, or the community around it? We’re putting together panels on everything from “How we got into the yarn dyeing business” to “Designing our fandom” to “Racism in the fiber community and why aren’t we talking more about it?”

If you’d like to sit on a panel, let us know and we’ll make sure you get the panel list as it evolves. If you’d like to propose a panel topic (bonus points for inviting other panelists to join you), we’d love that too. Panels will be two hours, live, moderated and except for some moderator-chosen chat questions, won’t include audience participation.

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