Afterthought Everything Sock


Instructor: Erica Kempf

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Looking for a weird way to make a sock that lets you make two at once without magic loop? The Afterthought Everything Sock is for you! Created by knitting one very long tube that you cut apart to create your 2 socks and add heels, this sock will add several skills to your knitting tool belt. Don’t be scared of the thought of cutting your knitting, we’ll practice it first on the swatch we make in the class and there’s truly very little actual cutting involved, it’s more of an unlacing process. In the class we will make a test swatch to learn all the skills and practice before you tackle a full sized version. Pattern for teen to XL adult sizes included with the class. The techniques we’ll cover are picot cast on, joining and knitting in the round, basic ribbing, inserting waste yarn into your fabric to be removed later, picot bind off, removing the inserted waste yarn and putting live stitches back on the needles to separate your socks and add heels. This is my original pattern and I have a lot of experience teaching it as a class.

Class is Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 11:15AM EST


  • Small amount of sock yarn for a swatch (about 20 yards)
  • Waste yarn in a different color than your main sock yarn
  • US size 0-2 needles, (whatever your preference for sock knitting) double pointed or long circular for magic loop
  • Materials for full sized socks: 100 g skein of sock weight yarn, Waste yarn in a different color, US size 0-2 needles, Afterthought Everything Sock Pattern (included with the class)



Skills Needed;

Basic knitting and purling

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