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Instructor: Lily Chin

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Tired of the same old buttons? Don’t want to do buttonholes? Through example, see the many, various ways to close up garments otherwise. Learn more than a few new tricks and hints. Know what to avoid and what to look out for. Zip it, tie it, pin it, belt it, lace it up, all methods will be covered, including many surprising ones.

Class is Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 11:00AM EST.


  • All homework.
  • Crochet hooks of various sizes
  • Tapestry needles
  • Extra yarn of various light colors
  • Shank button
  • 4″ of waxed dental floss
  • Cable needles, circular or double-pointed needles appropriate for yarns
  • 2 identical shank buttons

There is homework for this class. Homework will be sent in an email along with class handouts.

Be able to complete homework

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