Happy Endings – Finishing Techniques for Woven Fabric Part 1


Instructor: Deborah Jarchow

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Do you wonder what more there is to do with the ends of your woven cloth besides fringe? Do you wish for different look on the ends of your scarves? In this workshop you will learn several techniques that can give you alternatives for the ends. Learn how to plan for hemming and about twisting, braiding, adding beads, decorative knotting, and knitting and crochet to the edges as well as some fancy techniques. These alternatives will enhance your weaving skills and give you more options.

Class is Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 11:30AM and 3:30PM EST


  • Warped loom as noted in homework, about 50 – 75 yards of yarn to use for weft
  • Sewing needle
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • D or E crochet hook
  • sized 5 or six knitting needle
  • straight pins
  • 25 – 30- beads to fit on yarn
  • dental floss threader (available at most drug stores by dental hygiene products)
  • fusible thread
  • 30 yards waste yarn (worsted weight acrylic works well)
  • post it notes
  • shuttle/bobbins

There is homework for this class. Homework will be sent in an email along with class handouts.

Skills Needed:
Must be able to warp the loom on their own

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