Introduction to Faroese Shawls


Instructor: Karie Westerman

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Students will be looking at the unique construction and shaping of Faroese shawls. Far from being dainty objects, Faroese shawls are big, warm everyday wear that sit well on shoulders. Traditionally they use a different charting system and pattern writing system which we will go through in class. The students will knit a mini Faroese shawl which will teach them all the techniques they need to know before tackling a full-size project.

Class is Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 8:30AM EST.


  • One 50g fingering-weight yarn (100% wool
  • US 6 needles – preferably circular, 24″


Cast on/off, knit, yarn over, decrease, knowledge of how to read a lace chart.

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