Knitting the Landscape


Instructor: Karie Westerman

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Taking cues from psychogeography, a method for exploring everyday landscapes, this workshop asks: what is the fabric of your own everyday life? Together with designer and writer Karie Westermann, you will investigate what knitting means to you and how knitting can be used a creative exploration tool. From fields and mountains to concrete high-rises, Knitting the Landscape is a way to connect with places you’ve been or yearn to visit. This class is suitable for beginner knitters and upwards. Please arm yourself with scraps of yarn, suitable needles, pen/paper and an open mind.

Class is Friday, July 23, 2021 at 11:15AM EST


  • Scrap yarn from stash
  • pen and paper


Skills Needed;
Cast on/off, knit & purl

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