Koi Fish (Wet Felting)


Instructor: Cecilia Ho

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Intro to painting with Merino wool & Mulberry Silk. In this workshop, you will learn how to pull & lay out the wool fibers. Then followed by wet felting technique to create a wool painting. Class is Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 11:30AM EST


  • For ALL students, please prepare these items that you may find from your home
    • Large beach towel.
    • Non-slip shelf liners,
    • 10″ x 12″ Tray or Container
    • Empty disposable water bottle
    • Liquid detergent
    • Disposable plastic glove/grocery bag
    • Bamboo mat + access to hot water & sink.
  • Please order NZ Merino/silk roving Koi Fish project kit from www.FELTasticFashion.com/supplies
  • Please order kit by July 13, 2021 Tuesday for USPS 1-3 day USA domestic Shipping (West Coast, Alaska & Hawaii require longer time to deliver) International shipping please contact Cecilia Ho at [email protected] before June 20, 2021

Homework: None

Skills: None

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