Math for Knitters


Instructor: Kate Atherley

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Everything you need to know to figure out all those tricky numbers puzzles you encounter in your knitting. We’ll focus on how math fits into pattern reading – all the aspects of counting and working and keeping track on instructions. We’ll cover things like “Decrease every 8 rows 10 times”, and “Increase 12 sts evenly distributed across the row”. We’ll talk about calculating yardage in partial balls of yarn, and how to ensure you’ll have enough to complete your project. We’ll also have a discussion of gauge and what it really means – and how to deal with it if you can’t match. Suitable for newer knitters, and those who wish to get more comfortable reading patterns – it’s all about conquering your fear of the numbers and making you a more powerful knitter!

Class is Friday, July 23, 2021 at 3:15PM EST



Beginners, suitable for knitters who are confident with the mechanics of knitting, and are starting to work from patterns. This is NOT a garment alterations class.

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