Natural Dyeing with Summer Flowers


Instructor: Ash Alberg

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Learn how to dye yarn (without shocking the fibres!) using natural dyes. Students will learn how to dye wool with marigolds. We will cover the chemistry of natural dyes, including how to prep and successfully dye protein- and cellulose-based fibres, what the difference is between colourfast and fugitive dyes and how to determine them (as well as what is a stain and not a dye), and how to start growing/foraging reliable dyes right in your own backyard. We will focus on northern hemisphere plants commonly found in growing zones 3-5, but students will leave with the knowledge of how to source local-to-them natural dyes and the ethics of foraging from the local environment/with different plants and dye sources. There is the option to watch the class without purchasing materials. In that case, please make sure to have a notepad and pen to take detailed notes instead.  Class is Thursday, July 22, 2021, at 3:15PM EST Supplies:

  • pre-scoured and mordanted wool yarn (as much as you want, but please size up your pot accordingly);
  • marigold flower heads for dyeing (30-50% per weight of fibre i.e. 30-50g for a 100g skein of yarn)
  • stainless steel pot* large enough for yarn to move freely in when submerged in water;
  • long-handled spoon*
  • access to stove or heating element (i.e. burner, hot plate) for duration of class
  • items marked with an asterisk are ideally not used for food preparation again after class. secondhand items and/or items found at the dollar store are adequate for this class.

Homework: There is homework for this class, Homework will be emailed along with handouts. Skills needed: (if participating) students will need to be physically able to lift a pot full of water from water source to stove, strain it while hot, and be able to look into the pot regularly to monitor temperature and dyeing results. if unable to safely lift/pour pots of water and/or to safely monitor a hot stove element and pot, please watch class only and/or have someone else assist you with these tasks.

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