Needle Felted Birds


Instructor: Pat Pawlowicz

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What a fun way to learn a new craft! We’ll start with a needle felted base with metal bird feet/legs and “grow” your bird–adding more core wool to form a neck, head, beak, wings and a tail, then add colorful wool batting to make your bird as realistic or whimsical as you want. Learn the techniques needed to embellish with glass eyes, give him a smile (or grimace!) and placement, positioning and attachment of wings and tail. The legs included are made of sturdy metal and the feet allow your bird to stand up. It will be @4″-5″when completed. Once you get that face on you’ll have to give it a name. Class is Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 3:00PM EST


  • All materials, handouts and tools are in the kit. Purchase kit at
  • an idea or sketch of how you want your bird to look

Homework: None

Skills Needed: This class is for all levels and all abilities

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