Short Rows – How to Execute and Implement in a Freeform Scarf


Instructor: Kimberley Langley

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Short rows are a fascinating knitting technique that can turn a heel, create a toe, add a little extra length to a sweater or raise the back of a neckline. It is a simple technique that is misunderstood and feared by many knitters. Short rows can create shapes in an existing piece of knitting. Changing a simple scarf into a whimsical piece that is inspired as well as practical. The only pattern involved, is the design you conceive. The knitting can be described as Freeform and class will discuss setting parameters or “rules” for the piece. The parameters, for example, determine the shape of the scarf, whether it is knit from wingtip to wingtip or from bottom point up. Participants will learn the short row technique while creating a scarf using two different weights of yarn. Within the knitting of the scarf, the short row technique will be used to create interest in the form of curves, waves, ovals, by working garter/stockinette stitch with a DK yarn and switching to a lace weight and working short rows. Students will learn to execute wrap and turn short rows and how to pick up the wraps. Instruction will detail how short rows are executed to create shapes, such as an oval of lace yarn surrounded by the DK yarn.

Class is Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 8:00AM EST


  • The Homework!
  • small amount (partial skein, remainder from finished project) of fingering or lace weight yarn in a contrasting color to swatch
  • 50 g lace weight yarn (can be wool, silk or mohair or a blend of these fibers)
  • 100 g DK weight yarn (wool or wool blend), recommend two different colors for yarn
  • usual knitters’ collection of stitch markers, scissors, etc
  • second set of needles appropriate to DK or Worsted weight yarn

There is homework for this class. Homework will be sent in an email along with class handouts.

Skills Needed:
Must be able to knit and purl with ease, able to count stitches and rows.

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