Spinning with a Purpose – Twist Levels


Instructor: Katie Weston

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Learn how to evaluate and get control over the twist levels in your hand spun yarns. Twist is the glue that holds yarn together, and getting the twist level correct can have a massive impact on the way your yarn feels, and behaves when turned in to fabric. Learn how to set up a control card to ensure you remain consistent in your spinning throughout a product. Suitable for all spinners who can produce a continuous length of yarn.

Class is Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 8:00AM EST


  • A spinning wheel or e-spinner
  • 200g of open, easy to draft fibre. Shetland, BFL or Corriedale work well. You can use home processed fibre, but it needs to be immaculately processed, poor quality fibre with second cuts, nepps and lumps will lead to poor results.



Skills Needed:

You need to be able to spin a continuous length of yarn, it doesn’t matter if you’re not great at being consistent with twist or thickness. Not the course for complete beginners, but if you’ve been spinning for a short while you’ll be fine.

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