Steeks: No Alcohol Needed


Instructor: Varian Brandon

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In this class, we will explore the use of steek stitches and how to secure them (or not) before and after cutting. Students will come to class with a homework swatch which will be cut during class time. The easiest way to get over your fear is to just do it! Then you can move on to enjoying the benefits of this historic construction technique. The alcohol will then be less of a fortification and more of a celebration!

Class is Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 7:15PM EST


  • homework swatch
  • small sharp scissors
  • crochet hook same size as knitting needles
  • waste yarn in different color than homework swatch

There is homework for this class. Homework will be sent in an email along with class handouts.

Skills Needed:
knit, purl. Some previous knowledge of sweater construction helpful.

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