Two-pattern Double-knitting


Instructor: Alasdair Post-Quinn

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So you’ve learned to love the reversible magic that is double-knitting, and perhaps you want to make a gift with a unique personal touch. If you chart out the name of that special someone, when you double-knit it, the opposite layer is all in mirror-image letters! With planning and a little bending of the rules, you can avoid this. In this workshop you’ll learn how to build, follow, and knit a two-pattern double-knit chart so that you can make letters readable on either side ? or even make two completely different patterns. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the structure of double-knit fabric and learn the possibilities (and limitations) of two-pattern double-knitting, along with a very clean double-knit selvedge and a bind-off that mirrors the cast-on.

Class is Saturday, July, 24, 2021 at 3:00PM EST


  • 2 solid colors (one light, one darker) of plain yarn in the DK to worsted weight range
  • a pair of straight or circular needles in the size you would normally use for your chosen yarn.


There is homework for this class. Homework will be sent in an email along with class handouts.

Skills Needed:

You should be comfortable with modern (two colors at once) double-knitting from recent experience. The homework will help to refresh you if you are rusty. You should also be comfortable following knitting charts.

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