Yarn Substitutions


Instructor: Kate Atherley

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Mystified by all these terms – double knitting, worsted, aran? Unsure whether fingering is a potato or a yarn? Wondering why you should care about whether a yarn is superwash or not? How do you go about finding a substitute yarn for a pattern, especially if you’re shopping online? Suitable for newer to intermediate knitters, this class will explain yarn terminology, and build your knowledge of types of yarns and fibers. We will dive deep into the topic of yarn weights and gauge, giving you foolproof and easy ways to check and get gauge for a pattern along the way explaining why it matters, when it doesn’t, and what to do if you can’t get it. We’ll also talk about yarn and fiber types, with a deep dive on matching project to yarn for best result.

Class is Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 11:30AM EST.



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