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One of the best things about fiber festivals and shows is taking classes, either to hone and advance our existing skills, or to learn something completely new. Because we all need a new hobby. Right?

Because we’re virtual, Fiberworld can get you off the usual fiber show class railroad. Great classes, but often from the same people, on the same subjects. A lot of that is simply because it’s impractical or impossible for instructors to be physically present in person, and almost always cost prohibitive, especially for instructors who would have to travel long distances.

Over 125 classes taught by instructors from 8 different countries.

Start your day in Iceland making handwarmers with Hilma Bakken, head down to Brazil to learn why you should love (or at least try) working with linen and cotton with Paula Pereira, and still have time to pop over to California and take a 2-session weaving class with Deborah Jarchow. We have classes on knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing, weaving, but also stretches, mindfulness for crafters and how to start your own small business.

You can learn from your home instead of at a hotel (no hard conference room chairs, and no one will judge your comfy pants), and the majority of our classes are recorded; you’ll have access to the instruction and demonstrations long after the class is over.

So pick a class, or two or three — the more you take, the greater the discount. Learn all the things!

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