Trivia Night

Looking for some way to impress your friends with your encyclopedic knowledge of sheep breeds? Want to team up to tell us all about different craft tools? Need to share just a little bit more than most people know about wool? This is YOUR MOMENT.

That’s right, Fiberworld 2021 is playing host to probably the World’s First Fiber Trivia Game, hosted by The Knit Princess!

Working alone or in pairs, you too can enter to win all kinds of honor and glory as Trivia Champ(s) of 2021. Spots are limited, so register now! You can show off your big beautiful brain for the low cost of just $5.00 a player!

If watching the fun is more your style, come and be part of our Studio Audience! See you Saturday night!

While this looks like Jeopardy, the questions are in the form of a question, and the answers are in the form of a statement. You don’t need to answer in the form of a question, but you won’t be penalized either.

Want to join in the fun?

How It Works:
1. Register with your team partner and pick a team name. If you do not pick a team name, we will assign you one. (You may also play solo, but you still need a team name!)

On the night of the Game:
1. Log into Zoom
2. Rename yourself as “Team – Name” so that your team name appears before your own name.
3. Team members should open the Zoom chat and select their teammate from the list, so they are prepared to private chat with their partner.
4. Locate the Reactions panel in Zoom that allows you to “raise hand.” This is how you’ll “buzz in” to answer questions.

Don’t worry, we will start with a few practice questions to make sure everyone can work the raise hand and chat features.

1. We will pick a team at random to choose a question by category and point value (Jeopardy Style).
2. Wait until the entire question has been read. No buzzing in before the question is complete will be acknowledged.
3. You will have five seconds after the question is complete before another team may attempt to answer. You may confer with your teammate via private chat or any other method.
4. If the first team fails to answer the second team to “buzz in” will be allowed to answer.
5. If no team is able to answer the question or buzzes in, the Studio Audience will be given one chance to answer. The first person from the Studio Audience who buzzes in will have a chance to answer.
6. The team that successfully answers a question gets to pick the next clue.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

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