2020 has been a tough year for fiber vendors — and their customers! While cancelling our annual fiber shows is necessary, it also has been a huge loss for everyone.

I started the family dye business, A Hundred Ravens back in 2008. One of the things I’ve grown to love about this industry is our incredible community. It’s been amazing to watch that community come together to put on some fantastic
virtual shows; we’ve been so lucky to take part in them.

But I’m also a game developer and a professor of game design at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. As a developer I knew that a really good virtual experience could be not an “almost as good as” replacement for in person events,
but its own awesome, immersive, rewarding experience.

So I pulled some awesome game development students together, and we’ve spent the summer creating a show meant to be just virtual.

The thing is, there’s a lot of advantages to a virtual-only show. The biggest one is accessibility. Anyone can attend, be a vendor, or instruct, no matter where in the world they are. We made this show as a website, so that attendees
could experience it no matter what device they were using, without any additional apps or software.

As we open up that access, it also makes sense to revisit what we want from these shows. Our content includes not just crafting but also what we call “lifestyle,” the idea of ourselves where we live, how we live — that our art is
deeply connected to not just home and family but also community. We also want to have truly representative content, from all the people and voices and experiences that are a part of fiber.

So welcome to the first of what I hope will be many more Fiberworld shows. We’re over the moon to have you!

Kel Bachus

July, 2020

Meet the Fiberworld Team…


Hi! I’m Jessica. I’m Fiberworld’s “Chief Herder” and Social Media person. I’m a native New Englander who knows how to do a nearly double digit amount of crafts with yarn and fiber! Things like knitting, crochet, and spinning yarn are
just the beginning! One of my favorite things to knit is stupidly complicated lace! I have a Writing degree (specifically Creative Writing), but these days I work for Becca of A Hundred Ravens and now for Fiberworld as well! I’m
excited to be helping everyone through the process leading up to the show! So if you’re a vendor or presenter, you can come to me!


I’m Pam! I’m in charge of the money parts for Fiberworld. I knit, crochet, and weave and I may have sewn a mask or 500. I’m an IT Consultant and have owned my biz for 20+ years.I love inappropriate, self-deprecating, and gallows humor,
I swear like a sailor, I have run political campaigns, I don’t have time or energy for foolishness (I do have time for shenanigans, however), I worry about everything and everyone. I love my kids, my grandkids, and my dog madly.


I’m Yvonne Tate of Vonne’s Crochet & Beading + Maille from Brooklyn, New York: a CYC Certified Crochet Teacher, and Associate Professional member of the Crochet Guild of America, and I’m excited to be part of #TeamFiberworld!

My first time teaching for Vogue Knitting Live was at their 10th Anniversary event! Over the past 20 years, I’ve taught, done demos and self-published crochet designs, primarily featuring yarns by indie dyers.

I’ve also supported a variety of charities, and currently have a crochet block design featured at Warm Up America! My jam is combining stitches and techniques, working with indie dyers and vendors, and taking crochet designs outside
the box!


I’m Jodi! I’m an artist for Fiberworld. I help the team with making things look aesthetically pleasing while still being useful and fun. I also helped with logo designs and other conceptual works for the experience. I may have limited
experience with yarn work but I do have an ever growing resume of design and art experience in many forms. I mostly enjoy 3D modeling and digital painting with much of my work being created for (and sometimes about) video games.
Working on Fiberworld with the team is really awesome and I hope everyone enjoys it!


I’m Ian, the project manager for Fiberworld. I lead the organization of the development team that is creating the web product. Making sure that we deliver an excellent product that users enjoy on time is my highest priority and responsibility.
I have many years of experience creating games and have brought that creative structure to the formation of Fiberworld!


Hi! I’m Steph. I’m a researcher, tester, and disability advocate. If it’s not broke, I can probably break it!

I knit, spin, crochet, and generally make art things. I’m super excited about Fiberworld 2020!


Hi, I’m Polly! I’m originally from Colorado, but I now knit and spin in Madison, WI, where I serve on the board of the Madison Knitters Guild. By day, I’m a lawyer, by night, I’m a user feedback and testing superhero for Fiberworld!
I like beaded lace, brioche, and colors that really shouldn’t go together but somehow do.


I’m Nick and I’m the lead developer in charge of Fiberworld’s website! I mostly work on keeping the development flowing, and making sure all of our plugins are in order when it comes to delivering a show we can be proud of! I’m a game
enthusiast, and have several years of experience in designing games under my belt!


I’m Theo, a programmer working to help keep the Fiberworld website working. I mostly assist, coming in to look over anything that’s broken or to help start up aspects of the website. I have years of experience with working on games
and website development, so I work to make a product people can enjoy.


Hi, I’m Riley Karl! I’m the website designer, I designed the Fiberworld logo and work on the visual aspects of the website. I’m from a small town in southern Vermont and I’m in the University of Vermont’s Class of 2021. My major is
Public Communication and my minor is Computer Science. For the past six winters, I’ve worked as a Ski Instructor at Okemo Mountain Resort. In the fall of 2019 I studied abroad in Brighton, England.


Hey there. I’m the one captaining this ship, and I’d like to know where all the rum has gone. I started A Hundred Ravens yarn back in 2011; my wife Rebecca now runs the business, while I’ve gone on to become a professor of video game
design at Champlain College in Vermont. I’ve worked in the game industry on titles like Game of Thrones: Ascent, and Elder Scrolls Online. This Fiberworld team is amazing. Special kudos to my student developers — Theo, Nick, Ian
and Riley — who have delivered an innovative and professional product in a terrifyingly short timeline.


Hi! I’m Meredith and I’m from a textile town in the Southeast where there aren’t any more mills. I learned to code instead and here I am now, in charge of digital accessibility for Fiberworld. I run my own business,
B.A.T., which is Boyce Accessible Technologies. I enjoy crochet in my spare time and I’m learning to knit during Fiberworld 2020!


HI! I’m Kat. I’m the MacGyver Chameleon Jess/Kel shadow of Social media, Programming, email, forms, and whatever else is needed. In my “real” life I’m the owner of Why Knot Fibers, an indie yarn dye company, a musician, and a Squirrel-esq
crafter of all of the things. I love power tools and spreadsheets and knitting. I’m so excited to be onboard this crazy circus ship!